Don’t hold me back

Every time I decide to end it

I find your name flashing over

My phone’s screen.

Every time I decide that

Enough is enough,

A notification blinks bearing your name.

Every time I turn around

Never to look back again,

You hold my hand and

make me stay.


Why do I have to stay

When you leave.


Tonight I am making a decision

To say goodbye

To secrets and stolen kisses

To warm breakfasts and hand holding

To sunshine and puppies

To us , that will never be.


Don’t hold me back, again.







  1. willytyme · July 17, 2016



  2. willytyme · July 13, 2016

    Addicted to love, we are all a victim…..I know I am but it doesn’t always have to be a curse. But a lot of times, the only thing holding us back are the ones we see when we look into a mirror.

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