Why did I think that

I have a special place in your life?

Why did I let my Heart wander off

Again to forbidden territories?

Why did I again give someone

The chance to crush my feelings

Why now do I ask these questions

When all the answers are known to me

No…not anymore..

Now the walls around my heart and soul

will be more stronger than ever

with the sign

“Trespassers will not be entertained,

because there is nothing left to entertain them”.

I am feeling hollow…and facing Life

Ask just one Question…





  1. itsmayurremember · September 15, 2015

    This is such a great poem!

    The thing is this: There will always be something in your heart to entertain them.

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    • Unraveling mystery · September 15, 2015

      thank you…M!
      hopefully…the one destined for me will be satisfied by my heart!


  2. Alok Singhal · September 12, 2015

    This is a great poem, so much depth and meaning in it!

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  3. Perception_matters · September 2, 2015

    Very well written! I hope all your sorrows vanish& joy come your way to give you a happy life 🙂

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  4. OLED PHAT nu glee · August 30, 2015

    (hugs) I have learned to give love wings rather than chains so it can come and go as it will in life.

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  5. willytyme · August 30, 2015

    The next to last letter in the alphabet is the hardest one to answer, but everything happens for a reason.”Trespassers will not be entertained”, I like that because it’s a representation that an event that happened will not slow the person down or they will not be bothered by it. That makes them beautifully strong, just like you. Time heals all wounds and poetry heals all scars.


  6. Jarvis · August 29, 2015

    You are young. Fall in love. Get heart broken. Grow in wisdom. You would probably want to shoot me for that advice. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unraveling mystery · August 29, 2015

      Nope not at all J! I would surely follow it…its just that the bruises are fresh and will take a time for time to work its magic! Your advice is always welcome J!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jarvis · August 29, 2015

        I get that, we are all bruised and scared. Take the time dear. In time, you will find your right person. 🙂


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