What makes me different from others ?

In college,every where questions like ” Why did you choose this college? This particular course? What are your hobbies?”…And stuff like that is being asked. But today someone asked a different question…What makes you different from others ? ..my Answer was as follows…

I am different from others in the way I Think and Perceive things,people and situation …I think from my shoes , the other person’s shoes and from a third person’s POV…Suppose…my views on whether an unmarried male should marry or not?According to me ,now he is living the life of a free bird…if he gets a partner who keeps him like a kite i.e lets him free in the sky while keeping him grounded then its good…But if he gets someone who cages him up, then he better think twice!

Well I dont know whether the person who asked me the question was pleased or not …but its the truth!

Hope you all have a nice day! Smiles to all!




  1. itsmayurremember · August 23, 2015

    Whoa! You already know what’s unique about yourself. That is excellent, really excellent

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