It’s said that the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from our enemies…and that’s exactly why it hurts so bad…

I have always had a bad track record with people I trust …each and every stranger I started to bring inside my inner shell broke me and proved it over and over again that you can trust no one but yourself.

On lonely afternoons and sleepless nights my heart longs for a hand to hold and sit in comfortable silence…but it seems like it is too much to ask for…should probably have  asked for an black diamond!

I am not new to betrayal but every time it hurts me twice as hard and slowly I have stopped opening up at all…I find it easier to share my secrets with strangers than people I know….shouldn’t it I’ve been the other way around…weren’t the people near me supposed to understand me better?

Sometimes I feel like there is some chemical defect in me…or else why would it happen with so many people? Truly speaking I have the least amount of expectation from people…like around 0.1%….and absolutely none from

I guess I am blabbering and will just stop! Have a great day,readers!

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  1. willytyme · July 6, 2015

    So true what is written that it might as well be written in stone, because that’s how it is. Betrayal does come from the ones you know and that’s only because they know you and can affect you. Strangers don’t know such weaknesses so they don’t focus so much on betrayal as an associate or friend does. They say you are your own enemy but whoever said that didn’t have many friends. I feel alone is sometimes the best way to avoid being hurt. I have a small circle, always have and always will because I still have knives in the back from some of my closest counterparts. But in times like this, one should never give up all hope because in life someone will always let you down but not everyone you meet in life will one day let you down. Betrayal is calculated, it’s no accident but don’t let the people who violated your trust mess it up for the ones that are purely there for you. Without trust, the world can be a lonely place. There is good in humanity, we just have to work super hard to find it and that’s the unfortunate part. Sorry for blabbering, didn’t mean to blog your blog. Chin up che’re.

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  2. shubhada · July 5, 2015

    Hey Soumi.. Don’t lose all hope.
    Things will get better. 🙂

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