Pure Happiness…

The curls which I get 

After opening my braided hair

The understanding of a joke

Before anyone else could

The pulling of my hand by my sister 

While sleeping 

The hug which my mother gives me

Whenever we meet

The subtle smile on my father’s face 

When he sees me accomplishing my goals

The  moments when my Chacha reacts in a totally different way than expected 

Chachi bringing surprise presents

These are some little things which fills my life with pure happiness 

And proves that there is something good in this world worth holding on to!




  1. Hannah · July 1, 2015

    Thank youuu for your kind words! 😀
    Yours too is really cool!
    Hannah 🙂


  2. Hannah · July 1, 2015

    So amazingly written, S!
    It aptly reminds me of a quote I read a while back, ‘Life’s sweetest joys are hidden in simple things’!
    H 🙂

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