My first award…

The creative blogger award

 I would like to thank Shubhada for presenting me with this award

She is a wonderful blogger and I would sincerely apologise to her for replying sooooo late to her nomination….

But better late than never!


  • Nominate 10 other bloggers
  • Post the link to the blog that nominated you
  • Write five random things about yourself

Five facts about myself:

  1. I am adaptable,to a very high degree
  2. I speak French 
  3. My secret desire is to become a pirate or a secret agent
  4. I love winters and snow
  5. I understand people very well.

Well that’s it!

 And I nominate every one who is reading this post for this award because it takes a creative mind to write and express your thoughts… So go on and accept this gracefully…. You are worth it!


P.S: Shubhada ,this is for you!

I don’t know how to attach the link to your blog so sorry again for that😔


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