The stars shine down And watch us live

Our little lives and weep for us”

                                       -Monet Nodlehs

For the past few days there have been some major changes in my life….one will be right to say that it is the end of the world as I knew it. My dream of twelve years was shattered into a million pieces and there was nothing I could do….

Right now I feel as if I am drowning…I am getting gulps of oxygen only to be ensnared by the dark waters of failure all over again….it seems that I am walking in a pitch black tunnel and there are sudden sparks of light based on which I am taking one step at a time.

It’s not me that I am worried about….I don’t measure my happiness with my successes or failures but where I live the society has labels and those labels affect my family and in turn, me.

Hoping against hope that I will be able to come out of this dark phase and leave the ghosts of my past behind me.

.p.s:  A very big thanks to godivaworld and sasha1587 for following me!


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