Sun.Darkness.Tough people.



Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do.
Just like,darkness doesn’t always prevail.When dawn breaks.It vanishes.But,the thing is,it doesn’t actually vanish,now does it?
It is always waiting, waiting for the sun to go down,so it could make a reappearance. It always does,and it always will.
But,that doesn’t mean that sun stops making an appearance, just because it knows the darkness would return,now does it?
It shines.At the break of dawn,sun is there.And as dusk approaches, it makes its bed.It doesn’t pack the bags ,because it knows it would return at dawn.It just makes its bed,because it’s time for others to take their turn.
So,stop worrying about shit that’s not in your control,and focus on what you can do when the chance arrives.It’s up to you to decide which games to play,and which ones to sit out.

Doesn’t that sound like something a totally whacked up person would say?A total weirdo…

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