Maybe someday….


Maybe someday we’ll meet again,

When we’re both slightly older,

When you choose to come home,

And after I’ve seen the world

Maybe someday, we’ll talk again,

Fondly reminiscence the days gone by,

And together dream and plan,

For days that we’ll spend together.

Maybe someday, you’ll look into my eyes,

And they’ll talk right back,

Tell you the story of how I’ve always waited for this,

And that day, I know that words will forget what they do.

Maybe someday, you’ll hold my hand,

And grab me tight, right next to you,

And I’ll hold yours,

And throughout your journey, stay beside you

Maybe someday there’ll be a sunset,

Which’ll promise to be a sunrise when it returns

One which’ll bring with it dreams of tomorrow,

Dreams that will be ‘ours’

Maybe someday we’ll have a place,

Our little nest, away from the world,

The place that you shall…

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