Mathematics board exam

Do I need to add anything after a title…I suppose that would be the reaction of most candidates taking today ‘s exam…. Well truly speaking I take secret pride ( a tiny weany bit !) in the fact that I love mathematics…. It’s no doubt my favourite!!! But that doesn’t give it the right to break my heart into a thousand pieces (literally!) 

I can very well remember the three nightmarish hours I spent today… My hope draining and me holding to it … Taking one step at a time… Well I guess I had pretty high expectations of myself and very rarely do I let myself down…. So I am disappointed.

To see it in another way I think it must have taught me something about myself … I realised that I can hold on to the thing I believe in even in the hardest of times… Many would think maths exam is not that big a thing but it was really very very very important to me….but I didn’t lose hope and held on and completed the paper …. The rest is in god’s hands! I really hope that it’s turns out to be good!



  1. Mithai Mumblezz · May 4, 2015

    Best of luck for your results!! 🙂

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