Today is my Mummum’s birthday i.e my mom’s birthday! So I would like to start by writing what she means to me. I am a very reserved person and not very good at expressing my feelings…but the past two years have forced me to change myself as I have been living away from my parents…It’s said that one does not realise the worth of things until we lose them …well something like that happened with me as well. Not that I ever took my parents for granted, it’s just that I understood their worth more deeply in these past two years.

So about the birthday girl…. Well she is a perfectionist! In one word… In every single thing she does or try to do…and she has got the purest heart that anyone has ever seen … But this is the reason that people sometimes misunderstand her… Yes she too has her negatives like every mortal, but as it is her birthday so I wouldn’t venture into that…:mrgreen:

She is my guardian angel who always stands by me… And on her birthday I just want to tell her how much she means to me and that

I love you,Mummum 🌻🌻🌻


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