Love is the prize

Different people, different languages, different stories-all connected by one common emotion-love. Love for family, love for pet , love for world , love for life. From a soldier cradling his newborn for the first time, from a dog mourning his master ‘s death to a shrieveled couple posing for their first marriage photograph – each scene reinforces one’s belief in love and make one hope. We are living in a time of extreme cynicism and hopelessness. From an unprecedented number of marriages biting the dust to terrorists killing hundreds, those are the evils that we have learnt to live with for most of us have forgotten what’s it like to love and hope…

Embrace our flaws , conquer our fears, express our love, learn to tolerate and overcome all odds . With a little love and some hope , this world could be a better place to live in…



  1. globalunison · April 27, 2015

    I agree that we are all connected with love despite of the differences. Very well written.

    Kind Regards,

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  2. Koyena banerjee · February 10, 2015

    Great blog.loved it

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